Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mike and Jane's Peachy Book Themed Wedding

Good afternoon lovelies, I thought it was high time I shared this very lovely wedding with you all! Working with Mike and Jane was super fun and I just loved the bright designs we came up with. This was a March wedding, and the beautiful red, cream and peachy tones were really bright and cheerful (Unlike the Glaswegian winter weather!) 

Mike and Jane got married in the Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow's Ashton Lane. The food and atmosphere there is wonderful, and the leafy interior makes for a really natural and relaxed feel. Mike and Jane spent lots of time hand making lots of little details for the wedding, including moustaches, mini apple pies and red velvet cookies, and some amazing paper book vases to name a few things! They also spent time meticulously hand painting baked bean tins that they had collected and we used these as little vases for the tables - a nice alternative to the jam jar! 

We chose seasonal flowers for Jane's bouquet - anemones, ranunculus and tulips, mixed with peach avalanche and hypnose roses, asclepia and eucalyptus. Mike had a ranunculus and chincherinchee buttonhole - we kept the style as natural and relaxed as possible. 

If you want to see more of this gorgeous wedding you can check it out here on Candysnaps blog - all the lovely photographs in this post are courtesy of this talented lady! You can also check the wedding out on Rock n Roll Bride where it was featured earlier this year! 

Signing off for now, have a happy weekend lovelies! Xx

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