Friday, 2 December 2011

Notes on UFOs

~n. Unidentified Floral Object 

Well after my little rant about the wholesaler never having any exciting varieties, this little number was a turn for the books. I must say I'll have to take back what I said....

What is it??? Well according to the label on the wrapper its a "Snijbl Stuk". 


A quick google search revealed that "snijbloemen" means "cut flowers" in Dutch. So I'm no further forward with the identification of this particular specimen.

I mean lets face it, it looks like its related to a crocodile. Crossed with a cucumber. I tried putting it into a few arrangements but it just looked, well.....rude!

If you have any idea what this might be, get in touch - I'd love to know! Until then it shall be known as The Crocucumber. Or maybe The Cucumberdile.

And here's a little something I whipped up from the leftovers from last weekend. Anemones still going strong, skimmia, queen anne's lace, ranunculus, scabious pods, brunia, carnations. One big fat lovely amaryllis. The last red rose. (Terrible pictures I know, thanks to the current lack of camera I have to rely on my webcam.) I'm developing a new and controversial love for carnations. Mostly influenced by this clever pair.


  1. you're the best florist ever. I think you should just call it: the man blossem.

  2. haha this made me laugh so much! I LOVE it!

  3. Lauren, I shall call it The Man Blossom from now on.

    Glad you liked it Zoe, I was giggling away when I was writing :-) xx

  4. Your face in that second one!! Love it.

    Also love the bouquet - I feel so privileged to have been on the receiving end of one of your creations. Thankfully no man blossoms were involved.

  5. Kirsty - I'll make a successful man blossom arrangement one day....maybe. No guarantees on that one.

    Cara - !!! Lauren gives things the best names!


  6. looks like a spadix--the center part of a calla lily. it's probably in the same family, there's some really crazy flowers related to callas.

    p.s. a shop i used to work for called anthuriums "little boy flowers." this is /definitely/ a big MAN flower. :)

  7. Is it actually a fruit? Perhaps it is a monstera deliciosa (seriously, I have heard of such a thing!) Try googling that?

  8. Haha, little boy flowers! One of my friends calls them something in the same vein, but much less polite! I can see a definite calla lily resemblance, it has the same sort of texture, just a whole lot bigger. I think I need some sort of *very* comprehensive flower encyclopedia!

    PS. Love your work, its pretty :-) xx

  9. Or on second thoughts, have the flowers not opened yet? Weirdlooking beast...

  10. We have a winner! It looks like you could be right on the fruit front - according to the images on this wikipedia artical anyway!

    Good thinking batman! I did wonder if it was a fruit and asked the wholesaler if it would break open into little flowers. He wasn't hopeful though.

    Anyway, you win a Man Blossom! Xx

  11. Hmmmm.....based on the photo alone, it looks like green floral foam. Interesting species, to say the least!

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