Thursday, 15 December 2011

Laura and Stuart's beautiful autumnal wedding

I love autumn. Its explosion of berries, grasses and wonderful foliage is almost too much for the floral side of my brain. I just want to buy everything I can get my hands on and start arranging and designing like mad! 

Autumn is a real treat for me and I was thrilled when Laura said she wanted a really cheerful, seasonal bouquet of autumnal flowers. And here are the results - mango callas, dill, cone flower, plum ranunculus, amaryllis in bud. Hedgerow chic provided by rosehips, oak leaves,wheat and fountain grass. 

From plum, through shades of red, orange and yellow, all the colours were echoed by the beautiful trees outside the church. It was a beautiful day.

All the images of Laura and Stuart's beautiful wedding were kindly provided by the lovely and talented Caroline of Candysnaps Photography. You can see more of her lovely photography here!


  1. I like all the flowers in all the images. I like it very much. Weddings and flowers go together; there is no wedding without flowers. Flowers are what make a wedding beautiful, different and distinct from other occasions. Flowers are both the centerpiece and accessories of the wedding decorations. It is the epitome of beauty, elegance and freshens the air with their fragrance. Choose flowers that are appropriate for the occasion and the theme.

  2. Flower are what make a wedding beautiful. it is sign of beauty, freshness


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