Saturday, 22 October 2011


Picture via Saipua

Ok, so I know I'm totally overdue a blog post (or three). And I know I should be telling you all about what I've been doing, like how AMAZING the GWC Vintage Wedding Fayre was. And how cool the weddings I've been busy doing were. And the tale of the driving, dahlias and ducks. Yes and I know also that there should be pictures to go along with these fabled blog posts. And there will be, *promise*.

Right now I'm frustrated with all the wholesalers who suck air through their teeth and tell me I can't have the lovely things I want to order. Not because they're out of season, because they haven't heard of mechanics who look you up and down because you're a young woman and then suck air through their teeth and tell you it'll be three weeks and a grand to fix your windscreen wipers.

I want to live in California, or New York or Portland and order from where ever Saipua and Ink and Peat get their flowers. Such goodies I can only dream about getting my paws on.....

I want to have a partner in crime, for being self employed is a lonely life...

I want to have a studio flat with passion flower that grows up the outside walls and a sangria fountain in the garden, preferably somewhere warm.....

Posts about flowers soon, not about rants. Sometimes a girl just needs to let off steam Xx


  1. ahhh...thoughts i have too many a time....lovely post sophie x

  2. Oh, I know how you feel Sophie! I have a wedding coming up and the Cafe au Lait Dahlias would be so stunning for my gorgeous bride. Unfortunately the variety is not available here in Australia. Devastating! I have even considered importing the tubers and growing them myself but it seems there are issues with quarantine. A girl can dream...

  3. Just dreamy - flower heaven!

  4. I love this post soph, you write so well.

    Let's move to Greece and build a sangria fountain. Ammie can paddle in it.

  5. Can I hop in that trip to greece? I would totally go with the passion flowers and all, pinky swear! Provided that the place would have sea view I would be happy to be your partner in crime, I'm a good learner!

  6. and someday you will have everything you want!!! just keep fighting for it.

    love from the land down under, helen

  7. beautiful wedding flowers arrangements and i really love flowers collections and what a pleasant gift it is...


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