Thursday, 25 August 2011

Lara and Andy - pink, blue and white on the West of Scotland

When Lara contacted me almost two year before her wedding and started to tell me about her ideas for colours and flowers I knew I would absolutely adore this wedding. I loved Lara's enthusiasm and charm, and was really pleased to see how all her and Andy's hard work and plans for the wedding turned out. Lara and Andy got married in the lovely lochside town of Lochgilphead, and celebrated after the ceremony at Crear out on the west coast of Scotland. I love it out west, where bleak is beautiful and no matter how cold the sea is you want to dip your toes in anyway.

Lara chose blush pink, raspberry, blue and crisp white flowers - peonies and roses, delphiniums and stocks, gorgeous fluffy hydrangea and fragrant sweet peas. I loved the ribbon we chose for the buttonholes and pew ends - a lovely blue and white stripe. We used my collection of antique glass bottles and vintage milk glass for the flowers on the tables - every piece is different so there was a wonderful mismatched feel to the table decoration. The beautiful blue delphiniums provided pops of deep colour against the white and blush pink, and some hints of raspberry stood out too.

I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part - Lillian and Leonard captured it so well, there's hardly ever a need for words with their pictures.

I do love it when its time to give the bride her bouquet!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole wedding, you can't get much better than a cuddle from your best girls.

We tied little bunches of sweet peas and rosemary on each pew end - the church smelled gorgeous.

I collected the most gorgeous frilly blue hydrangea from the market for Lara's lovely bridesmaids.

One of my favorite bottles from my little collection - an old posion bottle which reads "not to be taken"

The cakes! Oh so pretty in their little paper cases.

You can see more of the oh so lovely details and the rest of the wedding over on Lillian and Leonard's blog here, and check out the delicious food served by Carole of Fishnets and Stalkings at the wedding.


  1. The bouquet is so beautiful, and thankyou for the mention re. catering. And the little green bottle?Lovely! You make things like this look effortless, but I know how much effort actually does go into creating such a 'simple' look. Huge well dones, girl!

  2. Hi Sophie,

    We met at LMD Soiree!! Just wanted to say hi - so "Hi"..... love your year in flowers over at Brides Up North...XXX

  3. Absolutely adorable in all its details... The table centers are stun!

  4. Me again here. Just to say I left you something on my blog, check it here:
    Just because, I can't get enough of your flowers! Lovely, they are.
    Hope you enjoy.

  5. Beautiful work in every way! Lavenders, blues and whites are always and elegant color scheme to design and share.

  6. gorgeous flowers bouquets and what an amazing floral arrangements an perfect gift to express your love and feelings.....

  7. It is great to read some of the information and feedback, here. I hope to read more ideas in the future!!!

  8. What an fantastic wedding cake and flowers. amazing designing for decor that cakes. it's so gorgeous to seeing here. definitely we'll bought my wedding soon.


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