Wednesday, 11 May 2011


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Its back. I wasn't sure if it would be but its definitely here....I'm only talking about flower-vision! Thats my silly made up name for when I can't sleep, eat or do really anything without having flowers on the brain. I've been planning, creating, imagining, colour co-ordinating, researching....

Flower-vision looks a bit like the picture, except the flowers I see are in a million different beautiful colours. Thank you, my lovely brides and lovely grooms, your summer weddings have brought back my flower-vision.


  1. And long may flower vision continue, that sounds ace!

    I had myself some camera vision as I was falling asleep on Saturday night - my dream was literally coming in and out of focus as if I was seeing it through my camera...x

  2. Nice and very lovely Flowers!!All flowers are very Beautiful!!Thank you much for sharing!!


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