Friday, 8 April 2011

Behind the scenes, and notes on oversharing

Today, I wanted to give you another little insight into what its like behind the scenes at I Heart Flowers. Or more specifically what it was like six months ago.*
These pictures were taken in my temporary studio (aka chez Lillian and Leonard) at the end of the summer last year when I was working on some lovely weddings in Glasgow and Aberdeen. I know I'm always going on about scented flowers, and these ones smelled divine too. There were big bunches of fresh lavender and sweet, sweet roses, along with some of my favourites like scabious and hydrangea which compensate for their lack of smell with their looks.
*Its all new and exciting now - I'll tell you about that some time soon.

Back then, Cara and Nye helped me out when I was going through some tough times, letting me stay without a hesitation. Even though Cara happened to be 7 months pregnant at the time (were they out of their minds?). When I look at the pictures (many of which are just too awful to put online) I tend to think “oh god there's Jabba the Hutt with a bouquet” (see the next picture) or “shouldn't it be against the law to take pictures of someone with mascara all over their face?”**, but then I thought “I'm so glad to see pictures of this time”. It reminds me of what I felt like then, and how much I've changed positively.
**I'd spent the last two weeks crying which explains why I look so rough, and lost a couple of stone since then, which explains the Jabba the hut reference....

If I hadn't had some wonderful weddings to work on at that time when everything else felt awful, I think I would have fallen apart completely. Thankfully flowers are wonderful, and weddings are wonderful and they constantly inspire me to think bigger and think lovelier (if thats a word). I feel so inspired by the couples that contact me - seeing so much love all the time kinda makes me feel loved up too, even though I'm not loved up for anyone in particular myself. I think its good to remember how I felt back in September, so I can remind myself how I slowly got to feel like myself again. It makes me so glad that I can throw myself into my work 101% when everything else is hitting the fan, its the one thing that's constant for me.

Now you may think this photo is a bit odd (“is that a bath full of flowers?”) and you'd probably be right. The bathtub is not a common tool used by florists worldwide, it just so happens that the bathroom was the coolest place to put the flowers. In my current studio the coolest place is under the sky light. Its a north facing window so the flowers don't get any sunlight, which can shorten the life of their beautiful blooms. I like working in there under the open sky light as it feels like I'm working outside, which is bliss on a summer's day when its a bit warmer.

So you'll probably be wondering what happened to those beauties in the bathtub. Did I have a total melt down and throw them out of the window? Thankfully not, I somehow managed to turn them into several of these vases. They're kinda pretty, well at least I think they are.

I hope that wasn't too far behind the scenes for anyone. I'm probably guilty of over-share from time to time (just ask Cara), but hopefully you'll just think that I really heart flowers, and that I was a bit of a sad lady for a little while. And to prove it here's a more recent picture of me. I gave myself a wee bit of an overhaul, cut myself my favorite fringe, and put some makeup on that didn't end up dripping onto my cardigan. I'm really painting a good portrait of myself here aren't I. So I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead, enjoy your evenings my lovelies xxx


  1. Those vases are beeeeyoootiful! As are you - none of this Jabba the Hut nonsense. So happy you are feeling more positive and it sounds like lovely things are happening for you. Yay!

  2. Bravo you! you're one gorgeous, strong lady, and talented too! xxxxx

  3. Oooh what are those purple ones in the first image? They look so pretty! The vases you made look gorgeous too Soph. Glad to hear things are all coming together for you now, don't like when you're a sad Sophie! And I second what Kirsty said about the Jabba the Hut rubbish! :) xxx

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  5. Oi, I'm not having that!

    You are one wonderful lady and the best florist a girl could have. Please come and live in London with me. I'll send Bean to live with his best man!

    P.S. That last picture is so sweet. You look really pretty.

    P.P.S. Has your email stopped working?

  6. beautiful flowers and a lovely, honest post- keep it up x

  7. Oh my dear... so glad you're in a happier place now. Am I strange that I didn't question the flowers in the bath at first glance? Your new studio sounds great – and I love the fringe (I have constant fringe envy as I really, really don't suit fringes!)


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