Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring Sunday

Hello lovelies,

I hope you're all having a nice lazy Sunday. I just thought I'd share a little spring love with you today while I sip my chai (which, by the way I am officially addicted to). I've been gathering photos of some of the hand ties I've made in the run up to mothers day and I had to show you this one because its my favorite. You're about to read about some seriously sweet romance too - guys take note, girls like this sort of thing!

This was a lovely seasonal bouquet I made for one of my friends (R) just before Valentines day this year. It was all organised by her boyfriend E, not as a Valentines gift but as a surprise anniversary present as they got together just before the 14th. We even went to the flower market together so he could help choose the flowers he wanted to give to her. We ended up picking a lovely selection of spring flowers - tulips, miniature narcissi and iris (I know you can get iris all year round but I still think of them as spring flowers) along with some big pink aqua roses, purple edged lisianthus, button chrysanths, and my favorite bit - apple blossom!

It was all done with much sneaking around as E had to pretend to go to the gym early in the morning while we raced off to the flower market. Thankfully though she was none the wiser and the flowers were a complete surprise to R when she came home from work.

I hope you are all enjoying the spring as much as I am. I'm still reveling in the blossoms, and lusting after all the wonderful bulbs and plants. Its a good job I don't have a garden right now as I would end up spending all my pennies on bulbs and seeds! Those of you with gardens get out there and enjoy them for me today, I'm going to go for a walk in the sunshine and dream about having a garden of my own.


Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I think everyone sort of goes into hibernation in the winter. Particularly after Christmas. This seems to be the time when all the merriment and festivities and warmth from mulled wine and roaring log fires dies down and we are left with the bare cold of January. Of course anyone who's spent time in Scotland will know that January up here is a good 25 degrees colder than anywhere else on the planet. Its a fact. Well, maybe...

So what do we do? We hibernate. We snuggle under blankets and tell ourselves we enjoy early nights in. We huddle in doorways and bus stops, and hustle on our way to places in an effort to forget the cold.

I think today was the first day in a long time that I felt like coming out of hibernation. It was still light at 6pm when I came out of the house for a stroll, and the sky didn't look like it was about to burst open and cover me in freezing rain. Time for lovely spring flowers like narcissi and paperwhites, tulips and blossom in abundance. At last spring is here!

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