Friday, 23 December 2011

The Glasgow Wedding Collective

So I've finally had a chance to co-ordinate my thoughts enough to sit down and write a bit about the wonderful Glasgow Wedding Collective Fayre that I took part in last October....not late in the day at all! But tardy blog entries aside, let me tell you what an amazing time I had!

I would personally recommend not exhibiting at a wedding fayre the day after setting up a large wedding booking, then driving over 150 miles back home, and having approximately nowhere near enough sleep before showing up and attempting to be enigmatic and excited about everything!

But despite all this I can't tell you how wonderful the fayre was. I met so many lovely people, both couples and other wedding vendors. The tiredness was forgotten as I wandered round to take in all the creativeness - everything from beautiful bespoke and vintage dresses, lovingly hand made jewelery, delicious cakes and sweets, gorgeous florals, right through to creative photography, dedicated wedding planning and amazing, creatively designed stationary. It was great seeing everyone's hard work come together and so inspiring to see so many fresh ideas! I especially enjoyed chatting with Louise Macpherson, Jack and Lorna of E.Y.I. Love, Claire of Butler and Taylor and Lisa of Sparrow and Rose to name just a few of the amazing people I chatted to.

Check it out below - all the pictures are kindly provided by Christopher Currie Photography!

I'm happy to say I'll be exhibiting at the next Glasgow Wedding Collective Fayre on 15th January - come along to Hillhead Bookclub and say hello and have a look at all the amazing creativeness on show! You can also check the GWC out on facebook for all the latest updates on the fayre.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Laura and Stuart's beautiful autumnal wedding

I love autumn. Its explosion of berries, grasses and wonderful foliage is almost too much for the floral side of my brain. I just want to buy everything I can get my hands on and start arranging and designing like mad! 

Autumn is a real treat for me and I was thrilled when Laura said she wanted a really cheerful, seasonal bouquet of autumnal flowers. And here are the results - mango callas, dill, cone flower, plum ranunculus, amaryllis in bud. Hedgerow chic provided by rosehips, oak leaves,wheat and fountain grass. 

From plum, through shades of red, orange and yellow, all the colours were echoed by the beautiful trees outside the church. It was a beautiful day.

All the images of Laura and Stuart's beautiful wedding were kindly provided by the lovely and talented Caroline of Candysnaps Photography. You can see more of her lovely photography here!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Notes on UFOs

~n. Unidentified Floral Object 

Well after my little rant about the wholesaler never having any exciting varieties, this little number was a turn for the books. I must say I'll have to take back what I said....

What is it??? Well according to the label on the wrapper its a "Snijbl Stuk". 


A quick google search revealed that "snijbloemen" means "cut flowers" in Dutch. So I'm no further forward with the identification of this particular specimen.

I mean lets face it, it looks like its related to a crocodile. Crossed with a cucumber. I tried putting it into a few arrangements but it just looked, well.....rude!

If you have any idea what this might be, get in touch - I'd love to know! Until then it shall be known as The Crocucumber. Or maybe The Cucumberdile.

And here's a little something I whipped up from the leftovers from last weekend. Anemones still going strong, skimmia, queen anne's lace, ranunculus, scabious pods, brunia, carnations. One big fat lovely amaryllis. The last red rose. (Terrible pictures I know, thanks to the current lack of camera I have to rely on my webcam.) I'm developing a new and controversial love for carnations. Mostly influenced by this clever pair.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Nicola and Andrew's colourful, quirky, autumn celebration (or the tale of driving, dahlias and ducks)

I've been absolutely dieing to tell you all about today's wedding! It seems finding the time to blog has been more and more difficult recently, so I was happy to have a bit of time this morning to write about Nicola and Andrew's amazing wedding at the gorgeous Achnagairn House, Inverness.

I could tell it was going to be fun working with Nicola right from our initial skype consultation - any bride who casually drops words like taxidermy into the conversation is my kinda girl! Nicola wanted a striking and colourful seasonal bouquet, with lots of purples, greens and pinks, berries and dark foliage. We used dahlias, september flower, hydrangea, black viburnum, and "Cezanne" roses with cotinus, juniper and eucalyptus; and big beautiful "Fred Shoesmith" chrysanthemum blooms on the tables - I am an absolute sucker for big curly chrysanthemums in the autumn!

We used the most colourful flowers in Nicola's bouquet, the boys' buttonholes, the vases in the church and the wreath which decorated the front door of Achnagairn House, keeping the rest of the flowers in simple white tones. Nicola's three bridesmaids each carried a different posy of white hydrangeas, roses or dahlias. We used white flowers on the tables too, filling the vintage glass vases Nicola's family had collected with chrysanthemum blooms, september flower and dahlias. Nicola used some beautiful white doilies as her place settings which stood out beautifully against the navy tablecloths.

The real talking point on the guests' tables were the incredible taxidermed birds Nicola had also collected, a different specimen on each table! After the wedding Nicola also told me she and Andrew had been given a beautiful wedding present which they loved - none of your standard run of the mill photo frames or champagne flutes here, but a large and impressive taxidermed pheasant! Some of the other little details at the wedding were a super cool yellow vintage typewriter and a big cloud of helium balloons. I could hear the groomsmen having fun blowing them up in the room next to where I was working on the morning of the wedding!

So without further ado here are the pictures of Nicola and Andrews beautiful, colourful day. Many thanks to the lovely Amy Murrell of Especially Amy Photography for providing the images, and capturing everything beautifully.

Nicola chose fab Vivienne Westwood & Melissa Lady Dragon Skull shoes

One of the vases from the church, which we re-used to decorate Achnagairn House for the reception.

Congratultations Nicola and Andrew and thank you for giving me the chance to work on such a cool wedding!

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Picture via Saipua

Ok, so I know I'm totally overdue a blog post (or three). And I know I should be telling you all about what I've been doing, like how AMAZING the GWC Vintage Wedding Fayre was. And how cool the weddings I've been busy doing were. And the tale of the driving, dahlias and ducks. Yes and I know also that there should be pictures to go along with these fabled blog posts. And there will be, *promise*.

Right now I'm frustrated with all the wholesalers who suck air through their teeth and tell me I can't have the lovely things I want to order. Not because they're out of season, because they haven't heard of mechanics who look you up and down because you're a young woman and then suck air through their teeth and tell you it'll be three weeks and a grand to fix your windscreen wipers.

I want to live in California, or New York or Portland and order from where ever Saipua and Ink and Peat get their flowers. Such goodies I can only dream about getting my paws on.....

I want to have a partner in crime, for being self employed is a lonely life...

I want to have a studio flat with passion flower that grows up the outside walls and a sangria fountain in the garden, preferably somewhere warm.....

Posts about flowers soon, not about rants. Sometimes a girl just needs to let off steam Xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

A little Monday competition....

Ever wondered what florists do with the left over flowers after a wedding? Well, the answer today is give them away! I got a bit carried away ordering gorgeous things for the Glasgow Wedding Collective Vintage Fayre on Sunday and rather than putting all the spares in the bin, (which just feels so sad) I thought about Lotte and Bloom's lovely post which I saw earlier this year. 

Picture via

If you live in Glasgow and would like the chance to have some lovely fresh flowers delivered to you tomorrow morning, just leave a comment after this post. I will announce the winner tonight!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Lara and Andy - pink, blue and white on the West of Scotland

When Lara contacted me almost two year before her wedding and started to tell me about her ideas for colours and flowers I knew I would absolutely adore this wedding. I loved Lara's enthusiasm and charm, and was really pleased to see how all her and Andy's hard work and plans for the wedding turned out. Lara and Andy got married in the lovely lochside town of Lochgilphead, and celebrated after the ceremony at Crear out on the west coast of Scotland. I love it out west, where bleak is beautiful and no matter how cold the sea is you want to dip your toes in anyway.

Lara chose blush pink, raspberry, blue and crisp white flowers - peonies and roses, delphiniums and stocks, gorgeous fluffy hydrangea and fragrant sweet peas. I loved the ribbon we chose for the buttonholes and pew ends - a lovely blue and white stripe. We used my collection of antique glass bottles and vintage milk glass for the flowers on the tables - every piece is different so there was a wonderful mismatched feel to the table decoration. The beautiful blue delphiniums provided pops of deep colour against the white and blush pink, and some hints of raspberry stood out too.

I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part - Lillian and Leonard captured it so well, there's hardly ever a need for words with their pictures.

I do love it when its time to give the bride her bouquet!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole wedding, you can't get much better than a cuddle from your best girls.

We tied little bunches of sweet peas and rosemary on each pew end - the church smelled gorgeous.

I collected the most gorgeous frilly blue hydrangea from the market for Lara's lovely bridesmaids.

One of my favorite bottles from my little collection - an old posion bottle which reads "not to be taken"

The cakes! Oh so pretty in their little paper cases.

You can see more of the oh so lovely details and the rest of the wedding over on Lillian and Leonard's blog here, and check out the delicious food served by Carole of Fishnets and Stalkings at the wedding.
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