Saturday, 24 July 2010

Three special weddings - Part I

I have a very special trio of posts for you all this week, a little showcase of three weddings that I have made pretty with flowers over the last few months of summer. But it's not the flowers that are special (although I hope you think they are), but the wonderful photographers who documented them for me.

I'm talking about my crazy-wonderful friends Lillian and Leonard (aka Cara and Nye) who are shit hot with a camera and are somehow willing to take wonderful pictures for me in return for cake and my bad DIY skills.

They have been such an inspiration for me and have been a tremendous help with lots of useful business advice and kind words when I was feeling like no one would ever book me six months ago. Without them I would not have got two out of these three wedding bookings thanks to a wonderful blog post Cara wrote about me when I was starting out. I really can't thank them enough for these beautiful pictures!

But hey, you probably want to see them rather than read loads more, so without further ado here are Gillian and Neil's elegant, Scottish wedding flowers.

Lillian and Leonard shot the pictures in Dollar Park in Falkirk, which was in full bloom - the ground was covered in a confetti of petals.

Gillian wanted cream roses for her bouquet, so I used Vendella as they are such a beautiful creamy variety, with a little eucalyptus for a classic look.

The bridesmaids each held a smaller bouquet of roses and thistles. All the bouquets were tied with tartan ribbon which matched Neil's kilt.

Dreamy cream roses and beautiful blue green thistles.

Each table had a miniature bird cage in the centre, filled with roses, thistles, heather and trailing ivy.

The top table had three large bird cages on it, with a pair of love birds in each one.

Gillian and Neil also asked for a rustic heart filled with roses and thistles to hang above the top table, it was made from branches and covered in eucalyptus and honey suckle.

I really enjoyed making the flowers for Gillian and Neil because they were such a classic choice, and I could talk about those gorgeous creamy roses all day!

Coming soon...part II!

*All pictures by the super wonderful Lillian and Leonard - check out more of their work on their blog and website.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Hand tied bouquet and feet

Here's one of the latest hand tied bouquets to go out to one of my lovely customers made up of gorgeous pink lilies, amalia roses and romantic sprays of green bupleurum with some artful branchy bits. Bling is optional but this one had a diamante in the centre of each rose.

And because I was a bit sleepy my feet ended up in the picture too!
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