Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Flower Inspiration - Succulents

I love succulents and have been slightly obsessed with them ever since I went to a big garden centre in Vancouver with my Mum last year. The place was absolutely crammed with them in every colour, shape and size you can imagine. The climate there is ideal for them and they are popular as outdoor plants in big terracotta containers during the summer. I was reminded how much I love succulents recently when a client sent me a picture of this bouquet which she has been lusting after.

Image from Ruffled Blog

And Oh My Goodness how beautiful is this wedding? I love the way that the echeveria have been used as the main flower instead of just an accent, they manage to be both subtle and striking at the same time. See the rest of the photos here - there's even a donkey!

Images by Stephanie Williams Photography

Here for your inspiration are some more gorgeous ideas for using succulents in bouquets and centrepieces.

Images from Housemartin

Image from Polka Dot Bride

Image from Dilly Lily

Image from Cross Pollination

Images from Polka Dot Bride

Image from

Image from Housemartin
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