Monday, 11 October 2010

Kristen and Paul's woodland fairytale at House for an Art Lover

Ladies and gents, what a frustrating few weeks I've had. I've been busy moving house, and with that move came the unforseen. The unforseen has mostly been a lack of internet access, which when you have a business which operates online is a pretty big problem! I've been huddled in internet cafes, "borrowed" friends' wifi, even used my phone to get online on an excrutiatingly slow connection. The only snag is its a bit more difficult to upload pictures over a mobile phone connection so blogging has been pretty limited! I've also been without a delivery vehicle, due to the unforseen again. And its pretty difficult to deliver flowers without a flower delivery van!

Hopefully both internet and van will be resolved soon, its probably a good thing its not mid summer with a wedding every weekend!

Here's another summery wedding, a little slice of fairytale hillside from House for an Art Lover. I loved doing this one, it was full of ferns and branches, and beautiful flowering mint which smelled delicious, along with masses of moss, delicate little herby tanacetum and gorgeous big blousy white dahlias.

I must thank the bride Kristen for giving me free reign with the designs, simply sending me an email full of pictures of what she liked. As she and Paul came over from the States to get married in Scotland we communicated via email, and didn't meet until the morning of the wedding. These flowers were super fun to do though, and a little nerve racking in case I didn't understand what was wanted! Luckily though Kristen was really pleased when I delivered everything. Thanks again!

*Top three pictures from Lillian and Leonard

These four pictures from Anneliese H Zemp - you can see more pictures of the wedding on her blog and more work on her website here.


  1. Just Gorgeous! Love the woodland look! Congratulations xx

  2. you have my complete sympathy. i moved this summer too and was huddled in internet cafes for far longer than i'd hoped...pretty flowers though...xx

  3. I visit your site nice article & really nice blog post & so beautiful & so cute flowers . Pakistan flowers

  4. Hey Sophie! Thanks again for being such a pleasure to work with, it was super easy giving you total control and I'm really glad I did. Thanks for featuring us on your blog as well, I never get tired of looking at photos of your work haha!


  5. Lovely flowers! Wish I can also arrange beautiful flowers like that. I want to learn how to arrange flowers cause it so interesting. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Your blog is really great. I get some ideas for my wedding.

  7. I love woodland style flowers. This centrepiece is just gorgeous. What an amazing venue too.

  8. It is great to read some of the information and feedback, here. I hope to read more ideas in the future!!!


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