Saturday, 4 September 2010

A special delivery - for me? How exciting!

Today, a box arrived. It was a Big Box. It came through the door attached to a smiling man who asked me to sign for it. And the box smelled good!

I've been excited about this box for a while, because it is full of gorgeous, heavenly scented garden roses from the Real Flower Company for the sweet little wedding I'm doing this Monday up in Aberdeen.

My lovely box has pinky, creamy and lilacy roses in it. And it has sweet smelling trails of jasmine, and fresh lavender with little tufty flowers.

And what's more, there will be another sweet smelling box of goodies arriving here in a few days, for a totally different wedding at the end of the week!

I totally heart my job!


  1. Oh, I heart your job too! How fantastic! :-)

  2. their roses smell amazing.. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful bouquet arrive when I moved into our new house.. amazing.. what a lucky lady to have theses as her wedding flowers..


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