Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Three special weddings - Part III

Hello lovelies,

Here is the last in the little series of three that my wonderful friends Cara and Nye of Lillian and Leonard Photography helped me out with.* I brought flowers and they brought cameras, and we all worked our respective magic for the lovely couple Lynne and Stuart who were getting married. Lynne and Stuart chose House for an Art Lover in Glasgow for their wedding, which is a gorgeous venue. It was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and has all the beautiful details, quirky lights and painted wood you would imagine.

Lynne and Stuart wanted simple, elegant flowers with lots of nice greenery, so we kept the coulours minimal - just green and white. I used brassicas with green hypericum berries, white lisianthus and ivy, dracena, and two varieties of eucalyptus. Each arrangement sat in a sweet little glass cake dish in the centre of each table. I also made sure that each arrangement was a little bit different from the next to give a more natural look. I like to think that each one was unique, instead of all being identical.

You can see more images of their beautiful wedding on Lillian and Leonard's blog soon. I have some more lovely pictures to share with you next week, there will be a blue and white countryside wedding full of peonies and delphniums, an intimate, modern wedding with a red, white and mango theme and a fabulous shimmering bouquet for a shimmering bride. Also coming soon - my new website!**

* Actually they have taken four lots of pictures of my work now, as they kindly took some pictures at another wedding in House for an Art Lover last week.

** I'm pretty excited about replacing the current website, however the new one is a work in progress, and will change as I improve it until its just right.


  1. Sophie, does ivy mean something special for you british? We here would never take it for wedding bouquet or for girl's room, as it's a symbol of singleness and lonelyness. Although most of russians think that black cats are good only for witches, for normal people they're the symbol of bad luck.


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