Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Flower Inspiration - Blue bouquets

Blue hygrangea, delphinium and white calla lily bouquet

I have had a lot of interest in blue flowers for weddings this year, and as blue is not seen all that often in bouquets (other than the odd thistle) I thought I would do a little post about blue as a wedding colour. I'm talking about true blue here, as purple flowers are sometimes referred to as "blue".

Of course it depends on the season, spring brings beautiful blue muscari and hyacinths which both have a gorgeous scent. These are gorgeous on their own in a simple bunch tied with rafia or mixed with other spring flowers.

Muscari (grape hyacinth) and blue hyacinth bouquet

In summer there are many more blue flowers available than in other seasons - agapanthus and strikingly bright blue cornflowers, tall delphinium, hydrangea - which comes in a multitude of blue shades, nigella or love in a mist which sounds so romantic, and pretty pale blue scabious.

Hydrangea make a bold statement flower used alone and cornflowers, nigella and scabious are reminiscent of country gardens full of wild flowers. I love little jam jars or miniature vases filled with groups of these flowers - simple yet effective and oh so colourful!

Nigella and cornflower vases

Autumn is a season of beautiful autumn colours (as you might expect!). Reds, oranges and yellows are king here before they bow to winter whites but there are a few blue flowers still around. Autumn is a good time for echinops and there may still be a chance to get gentian, which appears later in summer and early autumn.

Echinops or globe thistle

In winter there is only one flower worth mentioning - the anemone. This is one of my absolute favorite flowers and comes in that gorgeous navy, midnight, deep deep blue that you can just fall into. More people really should get married in winter and early spring so that they can have anemones because they are just too lovely for words!

Blue Anemone

Don't worry if you haven't set a date for your blue wedding yet, there are lots of blue flowers available all year - to name a few, delphinium, eryngium or sea holly (thistle), iris, and hydrangea are available most of the year now although they will always be less expensive when in season.

Blue and white bouquet of veronica, rose, delphinium and hypericum


  1. This is so gorgeous... Blue is one of my favorite colors for flowers as well... None of my brides yet have seemed to share my enthusiasm over it though :-(

    And anemones... Yes, yes. I rarely see them here, but last month in New York I visited the Flower District and they had a huge, exquisite bunch, in all colors imaginable... Swoon...

  2. Oooh gorgeous! Did you buy a bunch? I can never turn down an anemone :) Tell all your brides that they have to re arrange the wedding for anemone season!

  3. It is great to read some of the information and feedback, here. I hope to read more ideas in the future!!!

  4. I love the way you've teamed a rich blue with the creamy white of the calla lilies. I think the wedding bouquet of veronica, rose, delphinium and hypericum is stunning too, I love the hand tied detail and the blue ribbon to finish it off.


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