Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I have been busy again, this time making buttonholes. I tried to design them to look wintery, as its still so cold and the trees are bare. I've just used simple materials - ivy, hazel and roses.

This one is more a boutinniere, I added the pompom chrysanthemums and ribbon with looped hazel to give a different look.

This last one is for the ladies, a lovely corsage or hair piece made with fresh ranunculus, inspired by this blog post. Its one of my favorite winter flowers. This one could also be adapted to be worn on a hat or handbag.


  1. Oh, I love rannunculus. I had them in my wedding boquets, such a lovely look with roses. I came across your blog from Peonies and Polaroids, hi! I wish I was a bride-to-be in the UK, your work is beautiful. Keep making your dreams happen. :)

  2. ranunculus! i love ranunculus. good luck with your new endeavor...
    (cara sent me)

  3. Thank you both :) I just love ranunculus, its so pretty!

  4. arr that's what they're called!.. really pretty hair piece.. I think it's a good job your going into this profession your clearly a natural! Good luck.. I'm sure you'll be swamped with brides to be!

  5. Oooh, just clicked that you were Cara's friend! Hi! (My nickname is Sophie, has been since I was 5, long story). You are super talented! I will be checking out often. I don't have any wedding flowers booked until June, hence I'm a little bored and sad right now...


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