Thursday, 9 December 2010

Scented roses, Irish charm and English elegance

Abi and Fergus were married in One Devonshire Gardens in September this year. And their wedding was gorgeous. Abi chose beautiful scented roses from the Real Flower Company for herself and her bridesmaid, and we included them in the vases for the ceremony room and the buttonholes and corsages too. Everything smelled so good! As it was the end of the summer, we got the last of the beautiful pale blue scabious and some of the first dahlias of the autumn. I mixed them in the little vases with blue gentian, lisianthus, eucalyptus and a scattering of cornflowers.

This was such a sweet little wedding, simply styled with an intimate friends and family feeling, and all captured in perfect elegance by Lillian and Leonard.

Lovely vintagey tea roses from the real flower co - I could smell them all day long!

I love love love this last photo - such a lot of romance, summed up in one kiss. Doesn't it just make you weak at the knees? If you haven't already seen the rest of the pictures you *must* go and see them now.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Kristen and Paul's woodland fairytale at House for an Art Lover

Ladies and gents, what a frustrating few weeks I've had. I've been busy moving house, and with that move came the unforseen. The unforseen has mostly been a lack of internet access, which when you have a business which operates online is a pretty big problem! I've been huddled in internet cafes, "borrowed" friends' wifi, even used my phone to get online on an excrutiatingly slow connection. The only snag is its a bit more difficult to upload pictures over a mobile phone connection so blogging has been pretty limited! I've also been without a delivery vehicle, due to the unforseen again. And its pretty difficult to deliver flowers without a flower delivery van!

Hopefully both internet and van will be resolved soon, its probably a good thing its not mid summer with a wedding every weekend!

Here's another summery wedding, a little slice of fairytale hillside from House for an Art Lover. I loved doing this one, it was full of ferns and branches, and beautiful flowering mint which smelled delicious, along with masses of moss, delicate little herby tanacetum and gorgeous big blousy white dahlias.

I must thank the bride Kristen for giving me free reign with the designs, simply sending me an email full of pictures of what she liked. As she and Paul came over from the States to get married in Scotland we communicated via email, and didn't meet until the morning of the wedding. These flowers were super fun to do though, and a little nerve racking in case I didn't understand what was wanted! Luckily though Kristen was really pleased when I delivered everything. Thanks again!

*Top three pictures from Lillian and Leonard

These four pictures from Anneliese H Zemp - you can see more pictures of the wedding on her blog and more work on her website here.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Brown paper and lavender

I have been waiting to tell you about one of the first weddings from this year, I've been saving a few as a little respite from the onset of winter. As the autumn days get colder I like to think back to when it was baking hot, driving along country roads early on a Saturday morning, on my way to somewhere beautiful with a car stuffed with flowers.

This particular wedding was in the Scottish borders, near Kelso. The main ceremony was held at a gorgeous little church which was hiding deep in the countryside. You wouldn't know it was there unless someone showed you as it was sheltered from the road, perched on top of a tiny hill at the end of a dirt track lined with huge, ancient trees. We kept the church decorations simple, using white rose plants wrapped in brown paper to line the aisle, and white hydrangeas on antique inspired pedestals on either side of the alter.

The reception was filled with plants too – more of the miniature rose plants, French and English lavender and different sizes of hydrangea, all wrapped in brown paper and tied with a sweet raffia bow. I thought it was really sweet that the couple gave the plants away as presents at the end of the night.

We had two enormous antique pink hydrangeas, one on each side of the marquee, and the rest of the smaller hydrangeas on pedestals around the outer edges of the dance floor.

The marquee had been put up in the ruins of an old house, and was filled with the most delicious looking fresh bread, home made salad and a very tempting tower of chocolates for later in the evening.

My favourite part of this wedding was the bride's bouquet. We used amnesia roses and diadeem spray roses, along with lavender and hydrangea, sweet peas and astrantia, and trails of grasses and ivy - it smelled wonderful! The bridesmaids all wore wrist corsages of the same spray roses, and had tiny rose buds wired for their hair. The boys had lovely white avalanche rose buttonholes.

Well, its back to Autumn for me now, I'll share some more pictures from this summer soon.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

A special delivery - for me? How exciting!

Today, a box arrived. It was a Big Box. It came through the door attached to a smiling man who asked me to sign for it. And the box smelled good!

I've been excited about this box for a while, because it is full of gorgeous, heavenly scented garden roses from the Real Flower Company for the sweet little wedding I'm doing this Monday up in Aberdeen.

My lovely box has pinky, creamy and lilacy roses in it. And it has sweet smelling trails of jasmine, and fresh lavender with little tufty flowers.

And what's more, there will be another sweet smelling box of goodies arriving here in a few days, for a totally different wedding at the end of the week!

I totally heart my job!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Three special weddings - Part III

Hello lovelies,

Here is the last in the little series of three that my wonderful friends Cara and Nye of Lillian and Leonard Photography helped me out with.* I brought flowers and they brought cameras, and we all worked our respective magic for the lovely couple Lynne and Stuart who were getting married. Lynne and Stuart chose House for an Art Lover in Glasgow for their wedding, which is a gorgeous venue. It was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and has all the beautiful details, quirky lights and painted wood you would imagine.

Lynne and Stuart wanted simple, elegant flowers with lots of nice greenery, so we kept the coulours minimal - just green and white. I used brassicas with green hypericum berries, white lisianthus and ivy, dracena, and two varieties of eucalyptus. Each arrangement sat in a sweet little glass cake dish in the centre of each table. I also made sure that each arrangement was a little bit different from the next to give a more natural look. I like to think that each one was unique, instead of all being identical.

You can see more images of their beautiful wedding on Lillian and Leonard's blog soon. I have some more lovely pictures to share with you next week, there will be a blue and white countryside wedding full of peonies and delphniums, an intimate, modern wedding with a red, white and mango theme and a fabulous shimmering bouquet for a shimmering bride. Also coming soon - my new website!**

* Actually they have taken four lots of pictures of my work now, as they kindly took some pictures at another wedding in House for an Art Lover last week.

** I'm pretty excited about replacing the current website, however the new one is a work in progress, and will change as I improve it until its just right.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Three special weddings - Part II

So, its a little later than I'd planned for, but I finally got around to writing the second post in this series of three. This wedding was so much fun to do, Raquel and Ross had loads of good ideas about what they wanted, and came up with things I didn't expect, like a monogram letter R, as it represents both their initials. They had also spent some time collecting mismatched antique tea pots and milk jugs, each of which held a tiny posy of flowers, and they had the sweetest little Victorian glass ink wells, all slightly different from each other.

I was really excited about the flowers for this wedding as Raquel wanted to include succulents in her bouquet, which I've been wanting to do for an age! She also wanted big soft fluffy peonies, gerbera daisies and yellow billy buttons (craspedia), and we used "lemonade" and "lydia" spray roses - the latter sharing the name of Raquel's mum.

Raquel and Ross were married at Pollok House and had their reception at Brodies in the centre of Glasgow, as both venues had the low key and relaxed, yet romantic and offbeat vibe they wanted for their wedding. Photographs all by the lovely, talented and generally spiffing Lillian and Leonard!

Close up of the bride's and bridesmaid's bouquets.

Raquel's bouquet.

Tea pot table decoration.

Tea pots and ink wells.

Long and low arrangement for the top table.

Mother of the bride's gerbera wrist corsage.

Ink wells with sweet peas.

Raquel and Ross's letter R wall decoration.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Three special weddings - Part I

I have a very special trio of posts for you all this week, a little showcase of three weddings that I have made pretty with flowers over the last few months of summer. But it's not the flowers that are special (although I hope you think they are), but the wonderful photographers who documented them for me.

I'm talking about my crazy-wonderful friends Lillian and Leonard (aka Cara and Nye) who are shit hot with a camera and are somehow willing to take wonderful pictures for me in return for cake and my bad DIY skills.

They have been such an inspiration for me and have been a tremendous help with lots of useful business advice and kind words when I was feeling like no one would ever book me six months ago. Without them I would not have got two out of these three wedding bookings thanks to a wonderful blog post Cara wrote about me when I was starting out. I really can't thank them enough for these beautiful pictures!

But hey, you probably want to see them rather than read loads more, so without further ado here are Gillian and Neil's elegant, Scottish wedding flowers.

Lillian and Leonard shot the pictures in Dollar Park in Falkirk, which was in full bloom - the ground was covered in a confetti of petals.

Gillian wanted cream roses for her bouquet, so I used Vendella as they are such a beautiful creamy variety, with a little eucalyptus for a classic look.

The bridesmaids each held a smaller bouquet of roses and thistles. All the bouquets were tied with tartan ribbon which matched Neil's kilt.

Dreamy cream roses and beautiful blue green thistles.

Each table had a miniature bird cage in the centre, filled with roses, thistles, heather and trailing ivy.

The top table had three large bird cages on it, with a pair of love birds in each one.

Gillian and Neil also asked for a rustic heart filled with roses and thistles to hang above the top table, it was made from branches and covered in eucalyptus and honey suckle.

I really enjoyed making the flowers for Gillian and Neil because they were such a classic choice, and I could talk about those gorgeous creamy roses all day!

Coming soon...part II!

*All pictures by the super wonderful Lillian and Leonard - check out more of their work on their blog and website.
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