Saturday, 26 December 2009

My first Blog Post

Hello Blog land,

I'm new, I hope that you will be gentle with me. I'm just here to say hello, and soon to show you some of the pretty things I'll be making. I'm just starting out on a new beginning, trying to break away from working for someone else. I hope in the coming months I will be becoming independent and self employed, self sufficient, and maybe also organised, but we will have to see about that last one.

So my goals for the next year (this will probably change wildly from what I type now but hey....)

  • Get my floristry business up and running
  • Get my etsy shop up and running
  • Get myself enough pennies from these to be able to work from home (or a small workshop)
This is possibly a little ambitious but I like to dream, and I have high hopes and am still young enough to be foolish and think I can achieve my dreams (although I sometimes feel old and boring).

So Blog land, I hope I can find my niche here, I've been looking for it for a while.
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